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Susie’s Journey (Susie Series #2)

by Carol Flett
Bassed on the true story of a young girl's immigration from Soviet Russia
In Susie’s Journey Susie is thrilled to be heading toward Canada with her friend Josh. She is annoyed when her Papa throws a sour pickle into a happy occasion by saying, “life will not always be a feather bed. If it was, you would want to lie down on it instead of facing the challenges that bring victory and blessing.”
Susie is certain that their trials are over now and everything will go well. But the situation changes, and her plans for a rosy future look uncertain. Gradually she learns the wonderful blessing of letting Jesus be the captain of her vessel through the alarming storms of her life.
Written in the same style as Susie’s Story, Susie’s Journey will warm your heart as it shows the guiding hand of the loving heavenly Father, who gently directs each step.

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